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3 on the Road: Hummingbirds

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SUMMIT, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

The hummingbird migration has started. Bryan Chapman is our hummingbird expert, and Bryan says they are migrating back into the state right now.

"Yes sir, I got two videos that have 80-plus million views, and then I have 91 thousand people started following me on Facebook because of the hummingbirds," said Bryan.

Man! Those aren’t bad viewership numbers. The final episode of Cheers drew just 84 million viewers. Seinfeld only 76 million. But no WONDER people are attracted to Bryan Chapman’s Facebook page and Youtube videos. There is something wondrous about watching hummingbirds. Especially when they ignore you and let you get up real close. Bryan likes them and likes to share them.

"Just the positiveness of it all. And uh, you know, just to try to lift other people up. And it seems to, you know, do just that," added Bryan. "I get a lot of people who are sick that will tell me that I made their day, that they can’t get out of their house so I just try to do a little video whenever they’re here so I can lift folks spirits up."

Now, if you would like to attract some hummingbirds to your house, all you have to do is try. Mississippi is smack in the middle of a migration route and the birds are on the move right now. And hungry. Bryan did all of this in just two years. So you could get a good batch going this year. But there are a few things to keep in mind.

"The feeding, you have to keep the feeders clean," said Bryan. "I didn’t really know that. They like sugar water. One cup of sugar to four cups of water. They’ll empty out a gallon of water in a day."

And once you get your feeders hung and filled, then just sit down and watch. I don’t know when Bryan has time to post his videos because he seems to spend a lot of time just watching.

"Every day before work at least two or three hours before work and on the weekends I might sit two or three hours with them," said Bryan.

They start arriving the end of March every year and they’ll be here through November. So hang your feeders.

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