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CONSIDER THIS: Covering Severe Weather

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We realize it can be annoying when we are providing severe weather coverage for a portion of our viewing area and you are enjoying sunny skies hundreds of miles away. We cover more than 24 counties across the region and that happens.

With the storms that moved through Mississippi earlier this week many people were frustrated with the ongoing weather coverage. One viewer mistakenly called WLBT instead of the station airing the country music awards and he was not happy. In fact, he used some big words to share how he felt… many started with an F.  He also was very uninterested in the storms that were affecting everyone in Vicksburg.

The good news is, he doesn’t determine when we provide weather coverage. We care about all of you in Vicksburg and the other communities and counties we serve, even the guy who missed part of the awards show.

Consider This:

We could be in last minute of the SuperBowl and if we have a tornado warning or other life-threatening situation, we will pre-empt that programming and deliver the latest information.

It may be annoying, but if it saves one life, it was well worth the inconvenience and the frustration of missing a touchdown, grand slam or music performance.

Our number one mission is to serve the public interest. We will never apologize for fulfilling that promise.

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