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3 on the Road: Free Coffee Friday at Briarwood Presbyterian Church

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Tomorrow is Friday. And it isn’t just ANY Friday. It’s the FIRST Friday of the Month. And people who take Briarwood Drive to work are discovering that First Friday’s are special. It’s because of the two additional words Briarwood Presbyterian Church has tacked onto “First Friday….” FREE COFFEE!

It says so right there on the sign in front of the church. “Free Coffee Friday.” The sign is usually up the week of the free coffee giveaway that comes on that Friday as a reminder that on the first Friday of every month you have one MORE reason to feel good about the day. You get a free pick-me-up on the way in. “This really comes in handy and it lets you know somebody is actually thinking about you.

And the members and pastor of Briarwood Presbyterian really ARE thinking about you, and me, too for that matter. I got MY free cup.

“And it’s not a hard sell. We’re not trying to get anything out of people," said Pastor Charles Bowdler. "We just want to be friendly and bless folks. So.”

In the background, another coffee recipient is in conversation, 

“How are you doing?” “Alright, how are you doing again?”

In a world where our mamas and daddies taught us that NOTHING is really free, well, here is something that is. No strings attached. They don’t take your name or ask you any questions, except if you want cream and sugar. And what could be better than an extra cup of coffee on your way to work on a Friday? Even if you don’t drink coffee, pick up a cup and give it to someone who does when you get the office.

“We’re just here in the community wanting to be a presence and just kind of Christian hospitality,” said church member Audie Dotson.

“Oh, I think it is wonderful,” remarked another coffee drinker.

“So our hope is this will be a blessing to people as they are starting their day out," added Pastor Bowdler. "A lot of folks are burdened in this life and this is a small act of kindness that I hope will cheer people up and help them to start their day out in a positive happy and hopeful way.”

A cup of hope, with cream and real sugar this time. Calories don’t count when it’s free, do they? So if you usually drive past Briarwood Presbyterian on your way in, remember to leave a little early tomorrow,  to get your free coffee on the way and to have another reason to feel good about it being Friday!

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