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3 on the Road: Greenwood Cemetery Fence

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

I suppose this would be the oldest surviving place from Jackson’s earliest days, way older than the Governor’s Manson and City Hall. This is Jackson’s original burial ground, Greenwood Cemetery on the northwest corner of downtown.

And for a cemetery, this place gets to be a lively place, especially on cleanup days, which will come frequently now.

“We try to have them once a month in the months when the weather’s good," says Cecil Wardlaw. "We have Hinds Community College students out here helping us. They had no idea this was the history book out here.”

Cecil means all of the history-making people who are buried in Greenwood Cemetery.

“We have the seven governors, and lots of Confederate Generals and soldiers and people who were born all over the world, not here, who came to Jackson and in the early 1800’s and built a town for us,” added Cecil.

And speaking of building things, that’s what we specifically came to see. They have finally finished building the last part of the iron fencing all the way around the cemetery. It took a while to do this.

“The old part of the fence was put in in the 1970s. The gate was installed in 1909 and they said at the time that they hoped to add fencing," said Cecil. "At that point and in the 1970s they got the fence. And so now in 2017, we have completed the fence. So it’s over a hundred-year project. But it’s a cemetery. Nothing happens very fast.”

No, the grass grows at its pace and the antique roses bloom and people who love the scenery and respect the people buried here come and clean up. And if you would like to take a leisurely stroll sometime, stop at the summer house first and get the tour brochures so you know who you are going to see.

“We have a general tour and we have a Confederate tour and we have an African American tour," said Cecil.

And go see the new fence. The newest addition to Jackson’s oldest place. 

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