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3 on the Road: D'lo Library

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D'LO, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

D’lo Mayor John Henry Berry is awfully proud of the new library in a room in City Hall on old highway 49 in D’lo. One unusual aspect of the library is, its creation and opening will be one episode of the reality TV show Small Town, Big Mayor on UPtv airing this August.

But TV show or not, the town needed a library.

"The library came into being because we wanted to, Pan and I and Miss Ruth and all of us, wanted to bring the library back because it’s been missing since we moved from the old City Hall. And the way we did it, go out and get donations from our citizens in town," said Mayor Berry.

James and Martha Sinclair who own Air South Cooling and Heating in D’lo sponsored the creation of the library, kind of as a thank-you to the town. They see outlying places like D’lo as the wave of the future with people getting away from, but staying near the larger cities. They want for the library the same thing they want for D’lo.

"Just continue to get better, uh, bigger," said James Sinclair. "Be a blessing to all the people in town who have been such a blessing to us, my wife and I and our company."

Speaking of waves of the future, the D’lo Library may be the prototype of the future of libraries, especially in small towns, because not only can you check out books here, but all sorts of other things, from tools to cooking utensils.

We’re kind of excited about that. So we got anything from a heater to a fan to a tricycle to a badminton set to a volleyball, life jackets," said Mayor Berry. "Of course we live on the river so you can come borrow the life jackets and go kayaking and bring them back.

Books to blenders. Novels to novel ideas. D’lo. The wave of the future. Who’d a thunk it?

So here at the D’lo Library, you can check out “Mary had a Little Lamb,” or you can check out…

"Just the lamb," said the Mayor.

There you go. Thank you Mayor.

Yes sir," said the Mayor.

There will also be an “Oh Brother Where Art Thou” festival at the D’lo water park this weekend to raise money for the community house. A scene of the movie was shot in the water park.

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