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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Cathy Jeffcoats has recently taken on a new position at First Baptist Church in Jackson as the Minister of Assimilation, which means, in a church that large, she helps people find a place and starts them on their spiritual journey. Well, at the same time Cathy has a personal journey she’s been traveling.

Two things are easy about attending First Baptist Church of Jackson. One, it’s easy to slip in and sit on the back row and be invisible with all that many people there. And two, it’s easy to get lost in there with all of them, too.

But Cathy Jeffcoats sees to it that neither of those things will happen to you.

“I try my best to connect with every guest by Tuesday afternoon so that they can have a touch from First, Jackson within 48 hours of their visit,” said Cathy.

“Cathy is the best human example of being omnipresent I’ve ever seen," said First Baptist Senior Adult Pastor Tom Washburn. "She is there for people when they are in the hospital, she’s there for people when they’ve lost a loved one, she’s there when a baby is born, she’s there when they’re going through something hard in their life.”

Tom went on and on about Cathy. But you get the idea. Tom works closely with Cathy Jeffcoats. He sees what she does and who all she touches and he also knows that for nearly five years now, she’s been doing all of this in spite of having to deal with cancer. 

“It hasn’t slowed her down any," said Tom. "It has not slowed her down any.”

And it’s not that Cathy is in denial. She is well aware of the situation she is in. But because of her faith, she knows she’s not in it alone. Cathy says,

“I try to stress to people that no matter what we’re going through there’s hope," added Cathy. "The road sometimes isn’t easy. But I then focus on something positive that draws me back closer to Him.”

By the time I finally crawl out of bed most mornings Cathy Jeffcoats is already working out at the gym, or is already attending staff meetings and is traveling her journey for another day. And the way she is traveling, it is inspiring to many people, maybe helping them, TOO, to live Mississippi Strong.

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