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CONSIDER THIS: Election Consolidation

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We’ll head to the polls AGAIN next week to cast our ballots for many local races. I emphasize the word again because there is a regularly scheduled election every year in Mississippi.

For a state with budget challenges, we don’t need to waste money, but our election structure is a huge waste. It costs a lot of money every time we hold an election.

Consider This:

The right to vote is one of the most important rights we have, but we can exercise that right less frequently. Some type of federal election is held every two years. Our state elections are on the off years. And our local elections are on another cycle.

If we consolidate the elections and have them at the same time, more people would vote and we would save a lot of money. There may have been a justified reason for this structure when it was implemented, but those days are long gone. It’s time to revise Mississippi’s election calendar.

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