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3 on the Road: Livingston Farmer's Market

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MADISON COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

The first time I ever paid any attention to this little hillside in Madison County there was nothing there but some cedar trees. Historian Charles Bowers was with me and told me that Madison County’s first courthouse sat in the middle of those cedars, which surrounded it and outlined it.

Well, today, those cedars are ringed with lights and underneath them, every Thursday for the next three months will be an open-air farmers market. And there’s a lot more for sale here than just produce, although you will find that.

“I’ve got a six-acre organic farm at Bolton, Mississippi. And we do mostly vegetables," one of the growers told us. "However, we planted over 200 fruit trees as well to kind of get into fruit production.”

The setting for all of this is a little extraordinary, too. About the time I was shown the bare hill where the courthouse sat, I also met David Landrum who said his intention was to rebuild the town of Livingston.

I was polite in my disbelief. But the town is well underway, with stores and restaurants and even a gas station where they come out and pump the gas for you, and then the farmers market every week that is a lot more than just a place to come get groceries.

“This is the coolest place to spend Thursday nights," said one of the merchants. "It’s like an old-timey country fair, really clean, clean, clean, and lots of fun for the whole entire family.”

Livingston, if you aren’t familiar with it, is a whopping 10 minutes from Interstate 55. Take the Madison exit and go west instead of toward Madison. If you’ve ever been to the Chapel of the Cross you go right past it on the way.

It used to seem like a long way out to Livingston. But it doesn’t anymore. One of the merchants told us,

“Well, I drive from Yazoo City to Madison all the time. You go right by here and you think it’s just an intersection. Naw, this is a happening place today,” one of the merchants told us.

Kind of a country market that’s not really all that far from the city; and a diversion from the world we’ve molded for ourselves, (or the world that had molded us into it, whichever way it happened…) every Thursday. For the next few weeks, anyway in Madison County at Livingston.

(Better directions: it’s at the intersection of highway 463 and highway 22 between Canton and Flora.)

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