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3 on the Road: Terry Heritage Day

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TERRY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

There are banners attached to just about every power poll in Terry proclaiming this to be the town’s 150th anniversary.

Terry, like a lot of communities in the state, has seen better days. But that’s because of shifting demographics. People moving to the nearby big city. Demographics which, if you look at satellite towns around other larger cities, are shifting back.

But all that aside, this weekend Terry is having a big celebration. Saturday, there will be a big parade and a tour of some of the town’s historic properties. Carolyn Clements invites us all to come on down, or up, depending on where you are.

"At one o’clock it starts out with antique cars in a parade followed by the horses. There will be a horse parade also," said Carolyn. "And there will be surrey rides. And then there will be four historic houses on tour. And also two historic buildings."

The parade is free. But they are charging ten dollars to tour the homes. All of that money will be given to the town for improvements. And the properties on tour are worth the 10 bucks to go see.

"One house is the cottage. It’s called the Lewis Cottage. It’s right behind the Episcopal Church. It’s a sweet house. And we’ll be visiting there," added Carolyn. "And also there is the old Colored Public School that was built in 1920. It’s now been turned into a home. We’ll be going there and we have a lot of the history of it which is very interesting. We’ll be going to the Fortner House, which was built around 1830 by the Fortner family. And it’s a beautiful plantation."

Also, the Dudley Jones house is on the tour, which is where Carolyn and the Clements live in downtown Terry. The house is diagonally across from the Terry Depot, which is also on the tour, as well as the Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd, which is quite possibly the oldest building in Terry. Carolyn sees growth in the years ahead for Terry. And one reason for that is because of what’s already here.

"So I hope that Terry will always keep its charm with all its wonderful trees and the birds chirping and just the beautiful old houses that we have.

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