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3 on the Road: Pike County Economy

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PIKE COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

The sound of progress could be heard in the City of McComb, in Pike County.  A new multi-million-dollar business is going up called Fitlife SportsPlex.

"We all love Pike County and we want it to do well," said Managing Partner Jerry Ivy.

Ivy is a managing partner of the new family recreational resort going up. He says the investment is a win-win for the economy and citizens looking for a better quality of life. 

"No doubt it is going to be profitable, all by the numbers, it will be wonderful," added Ivy. "I am pumped, very excited about it. One of my partners owns Golden Coral and at one time it was the number one Golden Coral in the United States right in McComb, Mississippi," explained Ivy. "Popeyes was the same thing, at one time it was the number one Popeyes here in McComb, Mississippi. That tells you how the public responds if you have a product they want." 

Pike County Economic Development Director Jill Busby agrees - a strong economy is the foundation. 

She points out that there are also several major economic drivers including Sanderson Farms. The multi-billion dollar business is just one of several major employers in the area.  

"From the timber industry, healthcare; we have a very strong healthcare base here and we also have a very strong retail market, we also have plastics," said Busby. 

The county has also created more 250 jobs last year, and half that number so far this year.

Increase jobs, retain jobs, expand business, increase tax revenue; that is what is important to Pike County," added Busby.

But not every industry has had success in the County. Busby says the oil and gas industry has been on the losing end for some time now.

"We were on the verge of the Tuscaloosa Marine Shell Oil Play," said Busby. "Then the oil and gas market did take a downturn and we fully expect that to return and we are developing assets for the return."

Busby says another challenge is getting investors and customers to do business here. 

"I don't think people know a lot about us, so I think we are on Southwest Community College Campus. They were recently ranked number one in the state," said Busby. "We have a great quality of life, we have a very diverse industry base. We are working to close the skills gap, which is a nationwide problem and we are just working through all the different avenues of economic development that will make us stronger as a community."

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