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3 On The Road: Pike County celebrities

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PIKE COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Small towns scattered through Pike County have produced big talent. Many of them went worldwide to the beat of their own drum. "Founder of Rock 'n' Roll" Bo Diddley was born near Magnolia, south of McComb. 

Musical artists Brandy and Ray J Norwood still have family in McComb. And the small town was back in the spotlight in 2016 as La'Porsha Renae competed in the final season of American Idol. 

Rewind 20 years and another young star, Britney Spears, was there. McComb native Felicia Culotta has a mutual friend with the Spears family. That friendship took on a new meaning in the late 90s when she had this conversation with Lynn Spears.

"She goes, Britney got a record deal today," said Culotta. "And I can't travel with her. Can you travel with her? And I said oh I quit my job yesterday; sure. I'll do it for three months. And this November will be 20 years."

And those years have been a whirlwind of traveling, awards shows and performances.

"It was inside of her," explained Culotta. "She had to be a singer. There was nothing that was going to stop that child. I've never seen anybody with the work ethic like she's got."

While Kentwood is listed as her hometown, McComb is Britney's birthplace. And played a key role in her early years.

"I would say Pike County to Britney, not only is her birthplace but it's where her heart is," said Culotta. "Because she loved playing basketball, loved going to high school. Loved it. As a matter of fact, we were gone promoting the first album and she got to come home and go to prom. So, the record company was really great about letting her go to Parklane's prom. And Parklane was so welcoming."

Britney's Las Vegas residency allows for more breaks which means Culotta is back in McComb more but with reminders of everywhere her friendship has taken her.

"But we both longed for home. But to have each other, it made it a little less alone," added Culotta.

It was a different kind of record-setting that Detroit Lions' safety Glover Quin had while growing up in nearby Summit.

"He had a goal in mind and I told him you can be whatever you want to be," said Annie Quin. "He made it happen. He really did."

His parents Annie and Glover Quin beamed with pride as they reminisced on seeing their son realize his goals.

"He let me know, one day daddy I'm going to be out there," said his father. "I'm going to be playing. That was his goal to play NFL football. Just to see you on TV son, it's amazing."

Glover Quin has made headlines for his financial decisions, living on 30 percent of his NFL salary and investing the other 70. 

"He knows that NFL is more than the National Football League," explained Annie Quin. "It has another meaning and it's not for long. So he knows that he's not going to be there a long time. So, what he does is he's tried to manage and invest. He helps, you know, and we need help. But I don't have a demand on him."

He's hosted camps and tried to pass along some positivity and knowledge to younger athletes.

"The things that he does on that field, it's amazing how he does it," added Annie Quin. "But I know it's because of that exceptional ability that he has. And God gave it to him."

Jarrod Dyson of McComb is another athlete who's swung onto the national stage, playing with the Kansas City Royals and now the Seattle Mariners.

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