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Unstoppable Mississippi man inspiring others while battling cancer

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RIDGELAND/JACKSON (Mississippi News Now) -

One unstoppable, Mississippi man has battled cancer and now lives with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, but he continues to inspire others along the way.

Jeremy Jungling is an avid runner and coach.

He talks about his journey, accomplishments and why he continues his, "relentless forward progress."

It was a shocking phone call and discovery. First diagnosed with colon cancer in 2012, 43-year-old Jeremy Jungling, underwent surgery, followed by five months of chemotherapy.

"When I was told by my oncologist initially that I wouldn't be able to run, I decided I was going to prove him wrong. So, I scheduled my chemotherapy appointments around the training and race schedule," said Jungling. "I did running races from a 5K all the way up to a 50K ultra marathon and then two weeks after the 50K ultra marathon, I actually finished chemo."

Jungling was strong minded, strong willed and determined to continue his motto.

"I really wanted to inspire people," he said. "Even though you have to go through these hard times and have this horrible treatment, you can still do amazing things."

"Relentless Forward Progress"

Jungling and his wife Claire made what some call the impossible, their new normal.

"I used to talk about doing things a lot," added Jungling. "I would say, 'some day I'm going to do this and someday I'm going to do that'. When you get a cancer diagnosis, you are suddenly living in like five-year limits. So, it kind of lit a fire in me that said I have to do things now I've been putting off for years. I'm not going to talk about doing things in the future, I'm going to do them now."

Jeremy and his wife Claire teamed up with other cancer survivors, raising thousands of dollars for the Livestrong Foundation. They conquered the climb of the highest mountain in Africa reaching the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro.

"My wife Claire, I call her my angel. She's been with me right at my side through everything. I even get emotional when I talk about her," said Jungling. "She's just pretty amazing and I couldn't do anything without her."

In 2015, Jeremy and Claire were blessed with their baby boy, Jett. One year later, another heart-stopping phone call.

"I was pretty shocked by that one," said Jungling. "All cancer diagnosis are pretty unexpected. This one was just a small spot on my skin I had. After I had it checked, I kind of forgot about it until the doctor called and said 'we have your results back and you have a serious problem'."

Jeremy now lives with non-Hodgkin lymphoma.

He said it's a wait and see game at the moment - that's not stopping him from doing what he loves most, running, cycling, training and coaching his running team at StinkyFeet Athletics in Flowood. It's a passion he has and a gift he shares with others as they jog through their own journey.

"I always thought, relentless forward progress. Just keep moving forward," said Jungling. "When I started the training program, we really wanted a name for the program that reflected our attitude about that. It has come to symbolize always moving forward, always battling through what obstacle is in front of you. Keep pushing, keep working and keep moving forward."

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