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3 on the Road: Greg Harkins Pig Roast

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MADISON COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Greg Harkins may be best known for the thousands of hand-crafted chairs he has made over the years but he's not a bad cook, either.

There are only a few elements needed, other than a pig, in order to throw pig roast. One is a reasonable occasion to have it.

“Well, we are having a birthday party for everybody that was born in the month of March,” said Greg.

Reasonable enough. And whether you have an applicable birthday or not, the word gets out and people start drifting in. ‘Course, you need a place. And that’s right out in Greg’s front yard.

“This building was my great, great, great, great grandparents church. It was always a happy place,” Greg added.

Greg says the old church building is perfect for lots of events; weddings to wakes. Greg, the master chef for this event, hangs in the kitchen putting together the other ingredient he is cooking besides the pig, his special hot tamales.

And the rest of the food shows up brought in by attendees, probably their best recipe for this or that. All of it is good. Then, after a little while the guest of honor, the roasted pig, is brought out, apple in mouth. And the feast, followed by the festivities begins. And the eating and the music will last well into the late afternoon until people start drifting home again.

“Far too much evil in this world. And I just want to spread the joy.” Greg philosophized.

Speaking of spread, Portico Magazine was there doing a spread about Greg’s pig roast for their current issue, the May issue. Publisher Karen Gilder says her lifestyle magazine for the Jackson Metro Counties specializes in stories that tell what Mississippi is all about.

“Everybody knows Greg probably from his chairs and things. But this is terrific; this was his family’s church,” said Gilder.

At the end of the day, everybody but the pig enjoyed the event. And even then, the pig was enjoyed. So I guess it was a wash.

Getting together is a losing art. Not altogether lost, but there’s no “app” for it. And nothing on Facebook is nearly this tasty. 

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