Vicksburg residents stranded by flood waters as Mississippi Rive - - Jackson, MS

Vicksburg residents stranded by flood waters as Mississippi River crests

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VICKSBURG, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

During Vicksburg's water outage, many residents were fleeing flood waters or trying to stay by boating to their homes. Water is flowing through faucets now, but some are still battling the Mighty Mississippi. 

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Pittman road in Vicksburg is one of about six roads that are still closed.  Monday morning, the river reached its crest, but it will be many days before residents can return home and the waters recede.

Vicksburg city officials are monitoring the water which they said is slowly receding.

Some roads in the Ford Subdivision remain closed. Gerald Maxey is trying to make the best of the situation. Monday, the Ford Road homeowner was barbequing on his deck above flood waters that surround his home. 

"In the neighborhood, people are breaking into people's houses," said Maxey. The 62-year-old, who has heart problems, is not leaving to protect his property. He said he can not get flood insurance and can't sell.

"I wish I could move and relocate, but I ain't got no place to go," said Maxey. "I built this all for my family. You know for me and my wife, but I didn't know all this water would be coming in on us like this."

Not far away on Railroad Alley, Ernest Gleese is visiting his son. Flood waters did not reach the houses on the street this time. Gleese said for most residents, the last major flood was the last straw.

"Just a few came back, just a few," said Gleese. "A whole lot of people been moved out. Moved out a couple of years ago, but it probably won't get no higher. I hope it don't get no higher".

The city closed Ford Road, Pittman Road at Brown's Alley, Williams Street, Harden Road, Jackson Lane and Mary's Alley.

Only residents are being allowed into those areas.

Vicksburg officials said the neighborhoods aren't expected to get back to normal until June 6.

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