Byram home destroyed by fire - - Jackson, MS

Byram home destroyed by fire

A home goes up in flames in Byram.

We have video sent to us by a viewer showing fire consume the home at 1113 Bullrun Drive.  It happened just before five Monday evening.  Byram Fire Chief Marshall Robinson says one man was home working on a truck in the garage.  When he tried to start the engine that's when the fire started. That truck was torched, only the frame was still visible.

Byram Fire Chief Marshall Robinson said, "there was some type of mechanical failure in the engine compartment. The result was a reported explosion. That fire extended from the garage into the attic and consumed the home."

The man who lived at the house with his family was able to escape. There were no injuries. A unit and crew from Jackson did assist Byram to put out the fire.

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