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3 on the Road: Critter Challenge

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RIDGELAND, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Artist Rebecca Ziemer is one of the newest members of the Craftsmen’s Guild of Mississippi. She is a clay sculptor. And is now moving more toward flights of fantasy and away from saucers and teacups.

Her Critter Challenge, as she calls it, was a year-long odyssey of creativity and is on display right now at the Mississippi Crafts Center Gallery in Ridgeland.

Nancy Perkins is the Executive Director of the Craftsman’s Guild of Mississippi and says the Critter Challenge was a journey of creativity and discipline. “And she had the idea in 2016, which was a leap year, to create one clay critter a day," said Perkins. "She’s a clay artist and creates these very whimsical interesting make-you-smile characters. And she decided to challenge herself to do one every single day.”

Now, I could see me taking on a year-long self-challenge and by the time we hit Martin Luther King Day I’d have already set it aside. So I admire Rebecca Ziemer’s tenacity to stick with it. And also her boundless creativity.

She has crafted a zoo full of animals, several nightmares worth of creatures, and several animated movie series of characters. Matter of fact, Rebecca says she’s spotted a few that probably will have sequels, accompanying critters, created for sale on her Etsy site.

Being an artist is a marriage of learning the nuts and bolts of a craft and then molding into it, the pictures in your mind. 

“Each piece has its own personality, a clever name, a personality and something that’s going on with that character, and you can see it in each one of the pieces,” added Perkins.

Each of the 366 pieces is there and an enlarged dated photograph of each of them so you can see them up close and better; a year’s worth of fantasy and it's all for free. There is no admission charge.

So go see it soon at the Mississippi Crafts Center in Ridgeland. The Critter Challenge is there only through June 5.

The Mississippi Crafts Center is open 7 days a week including Sunday afternoons. And they will be open regular hours Monday, Memorial Day.

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