Murdered Vicksburg teenager's mother speaks out - - Jackson, MS

Murdered Vicksburg teenager's mother speaks out

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VICKSBURG, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Saturday night, Susie Huntley Herrings got the call every parent fears.

"Telling me that he didn't make it, that's nothing a mother will ever forget," said Herrings.

Her son, 19-year-old Benjamin Brooks Junior, BJ she calls him, was shot in the back of the shoulder and died on scene. 

Susie says she had just seen him last Thursday and asked him to get rid of his gun.

"I told him next time I saw him, the gun better not be with him. But there's no more next time," added Herrings.

BJ's girlfriend, Quintessa Shelton, is the primary suspect in the case.

"The detective told me they had several people down there. Before they let everyone go, they dusted everyone's fingers for gunpowder, and hers was the only one that had any," explained Herrings.

Susie says she heard BJ and his girlfriend were playing with a gun, and he was shot by accident, but that's under investigation.

"Some kind of justice has to be served, regardless of it was a mistake or not," said Herrings.

Vicksburg Deputy Chief Bobby Stewart says police plan to charge Shelton with murder tomorrow.

Right now she's being held in Issaquena County waiting to be arraigned...and Vicksburg PD says she'll be booked into the Warren County Jail after she's charged.

The family has tentatively scheduled BJ's funeral for June 10 at 2 PM. They have not yet decided on a location.

You can go here to donate to the family to help pay for his burial:

The family has also left a jar at Sweetie's in Brookhaven if you'd like to donate in person.

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