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CONSIDER THIS: Your Comments

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As we do from time-to-time, today we’ll share your perspective on current topics.

Regarding a state lottery, Linda writes, “Thanks for your input about the lottery. It would have been better if you would have shared with us how much your station would profit from the lottery in advertising.”

Linda, I assume if Mississippi had a lottery there would be promotion on television and other media. No idea how much we may our station would receive in advertising revenue, but the revenue from a lottery would certainly help the state financially.

Timm has this feedback regarding a gasoline tax to pay for highway repairs.

“Before you start talking raising taxes you must first STOP the waste of tax moneys, said Timm. "The main problem I'm seeing is everyone that works for MDOT drives a vehicle home every night on the tax payer's money.  If a group of MDOT supervisors go out to a road site, they all drive their vehicles.  Not one of them rides together.  Next time you see an MDOT truck look to see how many people are riding it.”

Matt’s wondering what happened to lower license plate fees. 

“Many years ago, there was such an outcry to lower tag fees that the state legislature “supposedly” lowered the tag fees across the state in exchange for raising the sales tax on new vehicles from 3% to 5%. Where did tag fees go down?  None of the tag renewal fees seemed to be lower from all the people I talked to.”

Those are just a few of the many opinions we’ve recently received. As always, thanks to all of you for taking the time share your comments.

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