Resignation resolutions fail to strip Representative Karl Oliver - - Jackson, MS

Resignation resolutions fail to strip Representative Karl Oliver from seat

Karl Oliver.....Source: MS Legislature website Karl Oliver.....Source: MS Legislature website

Motions from both the House and Senate to strip Representative Karl Oliver of his elected seat were brought in the 2017 Special Session, this after he made a controversial Facebook post last month.

This was the first time lawmakers have been together since the controversial comment was made and members of the black caucus tell me while Representative Oliver has made personal apologies to some of his colleagues he hasn't made them to all.

"He has not yet come to me," the representative for District 65, Christopher Bell said. "He has seen me on three separate occasions, where he could have had the opportunity to speak to me, voice his apology with respect for those comments that he has made. He hasn't so that just shows you that, yes, he maybe remorseful on paper but not truly in his heart."

Senator Derrick Simmons was one of many who filed for Representative Oliver's immediate resignation, which can happen with a two-thirds vote. However, President Pro-Temp Senator Terry Burton would not allow the issue to be taken up, telling MSNewsNow the Senate did not want to make decisions for house representatives. Representative Sonya Williams-Barnes has reported her call for the Representative's resignation was, also, declined and that she later found the motion ripped up in pieces on her desk.

Representative Oliver would not make himself available for a comment or interview.

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