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Cellphone stolen when woman meets buyer she met on Facebook

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A warning for those buying and selling items on social media sites, research the buyer and chose a safe place to make the deal.

One Hinds County woman claims she was ripped off after someone reached out to her to purchase her cell phone on Facebook Marketplace.

"It was a simple meet, money exchange and go, and it didn't work out like that," said Ashley Jeffcoat.

The wife and mother of three said selling her cell phone to a man who messaged her on Facebook Marketplace left her empty handed.

She agreed to meet him Monday afternoon next to a convenience store at the intersection of Northside Drive and Livingston Road in Jackson.

"He came to my passenger side door. I opened the door. I let him see the phone," said Jeffcoat. "He said that he didn't know that the screen was cracked, and he started backing up. And as he was backing up I kinda pulled back into the vehicle, and he ran".

The 28-year old's husband and six-month-old were with her. Unfortunately, she did not have the man's name.

After doing some digging on Facebook she found him and learned that she was not his only victim.

"Three of them have said that he's done this to them. This exact guy did this," said the frustrated seller. "I had another girl that messaged me and said her and her husband were supposed to meet later yesterday afternoon and sell a phone to him, and I am positive that he would have done the same thing to them".

Jackson Police Department Commander Tyree Jones said the case is being investigated as petty larceny. 

The investigator said there have been other reported incidents of this nature this year, but he can not say they are related.

Jones encourages buyers and sellers to use police departments or precincts for the exchanges.

The J.P.D. Commander recommends that you do research on the buyer or seller by getting their name and as much information as possible before the meeting.

He advises that you never go to the transaction alone.

"I just want him caught, and I want him to be punished for what he's doing," added Jeffcoat.

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