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  • Jackson Mayor faces new challenges

Jackson Mayor faces new challenges

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It's no secret, the next Mayor of Jackson will be taking on a number of issues that have plagued the city for some time. Crime, potholes, and a crumbling infrastructure.

We talked to voters from all corners of Jackson and we got the same answers.

"The streets and the water system," said Jeanne Burke

"There's a lot of crime here in Jackson," said Lynn Hill

"I live in Presidential Hills, they need to check on the drainage," said Willie Williams.

Crime and infrastructure top the lists of what voters want addressed. They also want a Mayor that's inclusive of all diverse parts of the community.

There are many challenges and many of them were inherited so I think the best thing they can do is to get in there, assess the problems and there are many, do the best you can do, then engage the community," said North Jackson voter Shirley Harrison. "Engage those who can make a difference."

Voters agree the capital city's prosperity depends on the success of the Mayor.  Their hope is whoever takes the helm, comes with fresh ideas to tackle age-old problems.

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