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Old Farmer's Market - Feast or Famine?

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

This is the time of year when folks flock to local farmer's markets, but vandalism and theft after hours are driving at least one business out of Jackson. For some 60 years, the main source of fresh fruit and vegetables was the Old Farmers market on Northwest Street, but crime has upset the apple cart.

For 6 decades Doris Berry sold fresh vegetables at the Old Farmers market.Times have changed, petty crime at night after closing hours forced the 88-year-old woman and her family to rethink their location in Jackson. It was a difficult decision to make, but Doris moved her market to Pearl.

"She's had a good many recent break-ins," said her niece Melinda Berry. "They come in at night and bust open the coolers and steal everything they can get. We just got a little concerned about safety."

While areas of the Old Farmer's Market remain empty, Brenda Langham's longtime fruit and vegetable stand is thriving. She says UMMC police patrol the area constantly and crime has not been a factor.
Langham's family business intends to stay as long as possible in the place she calls the "true" Farmer's Market.

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