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Jackson struggles to fix crumbling infrastructure

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A crumbling road in the City of Jackson that thousands of people travel daily is getting a makeover, but residents say there is still a long "to do" list of problems plaguing Jackson.

The rough rides on Ridgewood Road will soon come to an end. The city of Jackson has begun a two-month resurfacing project to give drivers a smoother ride, something they say is long overdue.

“It is bad," said a driver. "I don't want to tear my tires up or my car up.” 

There is still a lot of work to be done. Over on State Street in the downtown district, there are unfilled potholes. On the south side of town, you can find more deteriorating roads and uneven patchwork.

“I moved here two years ago and had five leaks," said a Jackson resident. "The money to fix each leak is like $375.00.” 

Then there is the grass and weeds problem growing tall around the interstate and neutral ground.

“I think it gives the city a very bad look," said another Jackson resident. People come from the country to the city of Jackson and the grass is high and you have trash all over the ground.” 

Three on your side reached out to Mayor Tony Yarber's administration about the pothole blitz. It began last year to address the widespread road issues. We also asked when will all the tall grass will be cut? We are still waiting on that response.

“I think they need more maintenance, but since they have a new mayor in office a lot will be done,” said a Jackson Resident.

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