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Snakehead Fish caught in North Mississippi: Could come soon to a waterway near you

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After establishing themselves in the White River Basin nearly ten years ago, the first Snakehead Fish has been caught in the Magnolia State. This is rare.. because usually this is a fish found in Asia and it's one that is illegal to transport, sell, or keep alive in Mississippi.

"The fish has been expanding more rapidly in Arkansas just primarily due to the high water, some severe flooding," Mississippi Wildlife and Fisheries Assistant Director, Larry Bull said. "We are concerned they could move into our Delta River System."

These fish can look almost identical to our native Bowfin Fish, Grinnell, except for it's darker color and longer anal fin. The Snakehead can, also, live without water for four days and long as the climate it's in is moist..

"It has a mouth full of teeth, so you want to be very careful if you do catch one," Bull warned. "Don't put your thumb in it's mouth."

If you catch one of these, wildlife managers ask that you keep it, photograph it, and call their office. Just keep in mind. that again, the fish cannot be alive once you leave your fishing spot.

"We don't have any control or any plans to do any control methods," Bull said. "Some of the states have tried using poison to poison out waterways as they contain those fish, however they were not successful so I don't anticipate us doing anything any time soon."

Wildlife managers say you can eat Snakehead Fish. They believe that is one reason why the fish was transported to the United States in the first place. 

Take a better look at some Snakehead Fish in these YouTube videos, courtesy of Noobangler.

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