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USDA secretary's comments on Mississippi taken as insult by some

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WASHINGTON, D. C (Mississippi News Now) -

Mississippi's mention during President Donald Trump's cabinet meeting Monday wasn't taken as being in a favorable light by some.

"While we're bragging about international travel, I just got back from Mississippi," said U.S. Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue. "They love you there."

Perdue's comment on international travel to Mississippi drew chuckles from the leaders in the administration, but not everyone is laughing.

Mississippi Democratic Party Chairman Bobby Moak sent a letter to Perdue about what he called disrespect to Mississippi. In part it read:

I just want to let you know that not everybody in Mississippi appreciated your remarks about our state during the most recent meeting of the President's Cabinet. While it may not be politically correct for your party's Mississippi leaders to admonish this poor attempt at humor, we don't share the same weakness when our state is condescended in such a manner as your comments suggest.

A few Facebook posts said "Just dissed Mississippi in a very insulting way" and "So sad to be seen in that light".

Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant and members of the state's congressional delegation were contacted for reaction.

Governor Bryant's Communications Director said he was unavailable today.

Representative Gregg Harper's spokesman said, "It's clear that this is a non-story and that Secretary Perdue has been a good friend and supporter of Mississippi."

Senator Thad Cochran's spokesman Chris Gallegos released this statement.

"Senator Cochran enjoys working with Secretary Perdue and considers him a friend to Mississippi. Today's Senate Agriculture Appropriations Subcommittee attests to that fact."

Senator Roger Wicker shared this comment:

I'm glad we have a Secretary of Agriculture who knows how to use irony and humor to make a point. Clearly he was joking about all his colleagues doing far-flung travel while he's staying close to home. This is much ado about nothing. I spent time with Secretary Perdue at the Delta Council this past weekend. The Secretary – who hails from Georgia – had nothing but complimentary things to say about our state and our people. And for the record, Sec. Perdue was absolutely right about the President's support in the state. The overwhelming majority of Mississippians support Donald Trump, and so do I.

Officials with the Mississippi Department of Agriculture said Perdue was in Cleveland, Mississippi on Friday.

He gave the keynote address at the 82nd annual Delta Council Meeting at Delta State University.

The USDA Office of Communications released this statement:

Secretary Perdue noted that others around the table had just returned from other parts of the world. He happily reported that he had had a great trip to Mississippi, where many folks sent along encouragement to the President. He was proud to have visited Mississippi, and he looks forward to returning.

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