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Vicksburg's Mayor wants department heads to reapply for positions

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Source: WLBT Source: WLBT
VICKSBURG, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Over in Vicksburg, several department heads could soon be out of a job, that's if they don't make the cut. Vicksburg's Mayor is requiring all department heads to reapply for their positions. 

“We got to restructure this city,” said Mayor George Flaggs.

Mayor Flaggs said the best way to start the reorganization process is to focus on the folks running nine major departments in Vicksburg. Those leaders include the Public Works Director, City Accountant, community development director, IT Director, Parks and Recreation Director, the Police Chief, Fire Chief, and even the City Clerk. 

“Twenty-five percent of employees going forward can retire. Eighty percent of them function only in one job. I think then we can provide more accountability and more oversight and could be more cost savings to the city,” added Mayor Flaggs.

Flaggs said he has put all nine department heads on notice they have to reapply for their jobs. The mayor and the board of aldermen will interview them and then vote on who stays and who goes.

“I tried to do it the first time I got elected, but the other board wouldn't agree to it," said Flaggs. "Finally, I got one vote to agree to it, so we are moving forward on it. I just think it's imperative that a mayor be able to have his own administration. Is it fair for me not to have the people that I want in place.”

While some citizens agree with the mayor, others are wondering why now.

"Whoever is in there doing a good job, let them do it and stay,” said a resident.

“If their job is being fulfilled then leave them alone," said another resident. "If their job is not being fulfilled, I think the mayor should reevaluate them.” 

  “I think change is necessary, said the Mayor. "I don't take this job personally. As I said I want the best person in the best position that can do the best job in the city.”

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