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Mississippi Congressman Trent Kelly has close call at baseball practice shooting

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WASHINGTON, D. C (Mississippi News Now) -

Two of Mississippi's congressmen are no strangers to the Congressional baseball game, but Wednesday's turn of events resulted in a close call for one of them.

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"A shooter came out to practice, started shooting," explained Rep. Joe Barton, R-Texas. "He shot at Trent Kelly, our third baseman."

Mississippi Congressmen Trent Kelly and Steven Palazzo are GOP congressional baseball team veterans. Palazzo was told Kelly was just 20-30 feet from the shooter.

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Kelly hasn't given any interviews since the shooting but did say this during a hearing later in the day.

"I was there and our Capitol Police, those two great officers Agent Bailey and Agent Griner. Let me tell you, they're warriors," said Kelly. "They're heroes and they saved countless lives there this morning."

Kelly's name has also come up in many interviews with colleagues.

"He was the closest person to the shooter," said Rep. Jeff Duncan. "So he was targeted first and by the grace of God, he was missed. This guy fought in Iraq, he's a war veteran and an active duty National Guardsman from Mississippi. He's faced fire before but not in a baseball uniform."

Steven Palazzo had a meeting this morning that kept him from being able to go to batting practice.

"It's actually a mixture of somewhat guilt and somewhat relief," said Palazzo. "What could've happened if something changed and if I was there?"

Congressman Harper is asking for prayers in the wake of the shooting.

"Remembering that anyone is assaulted in the House, whether it's Republican or Democrat, it's an assault on everyone and everyone in this country," added Harper. "Perhaps we need to return to civility."

Several other Mississippi leaders have sent condolences and statements of support for those involved via social media throughout the day.

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