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Davis Bradshaw put McLaurin on the map after getting drafted by Brewers


Davis Bradshaw wields one of the best bats in the nation. The Milwaukee Brewers took notice on Wednesday, selecting the McLaurin Tiger in the MLB Draft.

Bradshaw is the MHSAA batting champion. The senior CF hit .756 in 2017, good for 2nd nationally among high school players.

Everyone has a story on how or when they got the call. I asked Davis how he found out about the Brewers drafting him.

"I was just sitting in the middle of the living room. I wasn't watching the draft or anything. And my Aunt Lauren texted me and said congratulations. Of course when someone texts you congratulations you want to figure out what's going on. And the next thing I know, my dad called me and said, congratulations boy you just got drafted. When they called me I was just very humbled, very fortunate, because not a lot of people get that call."

.756 is an incredible batting average. Bradshaw has a simple approach when the bat is in his hands. "I got a good batters eye, and God blessed me with it, and I'm very humble for it. People always say that you're going to go out of your zone when people pitch around you, and I didn't. I just stayed where I was at and I was very considerate of where my pitch was."

He said his family will get together Friday to decide whether to turn pro or play ball at Meridian Community College.

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