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Jackson resident turns pothole into 'hot tub' to get city's attention

Source: Daniel Trussell Instagram Source: Daniel Trussell Instagram
JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Daniel Trussell, a resident in a Fondren neighborhood caught the internet and the city's attention when he had his sister take a picture of himself sitting in the massive pot hole in a Fondren neighborhood.

The pot hole was several feet deep and several wide and was filled to the brim with water.

Trussel said he noticed the massive hole on Saturday. 

"I didn't know pot holes got that big. I'm glad it's being taken care of and I just hope it's a permanent fix and not a temporary patch job."

He said he thought it would be a funny Instagram post that would get a few laughs, but also hoped it would get the media's attention to bring awareness to a bigger problem in Jackson.

Trussel talked about how it breaks his heart to see people leaving Jackson because of the deplorable road conditions.

His picture seemed to serve as a wake-up call.

The city came out Wednesday and began repairs on the massive pot hole.

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