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  • McComb Votes To Remove State Flag

McComb Votes To Remove State Flag

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MCCOMB, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

The city of McComb has joined a growing list of Mississippi cities and Universities that no longer fly the state flag on their grounds. This week the McComb Board of Selectmen voted 3 to 1 in favor of removing all state flags from city properties.

Two selectmen were absent for the vote.  The measure passed along racial lines.  

Those supporting the action feel the confederate battle flag is offensive and represents a past of division and hate.  Supporters say they've now abandoned the state's heritage and history.

"That symbol is a symbol of hatred to 60 percent of our constituents so we felt that it was time," said Selectman Albert Eubanks. The Mayor has since said it was time."

"We had a statewide referendum to have that flag here, it's our state flag.  I think it ought to fly," said Thomas McKenzie, who wasn't present for the vote. "I don't think it's a city decision. it's a statewide decision that's been overwhelming made so far."

The flag vote could be brought back up in the future. Selectmen we talked to believe that would result in a  tie, which could be broken by Mayor Whitney Rawlings vote.  

He's already expressed to some he's in favor of the measure, ending in the same result.   

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