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Former U.S. Department of Agriculture Secretary speaks out against Trump's policy change in Cuba

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MADISON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Not everyone agrees with the President's orders to change the current policy with Cuba.  

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Former Secretary of the U.S. Department of Agriculture Mike Espy says the new changes could do more harm than good.

“With all do respect to President Trump, I really believe the policy he announced is unfortunate, misguided and just plain wrong," said Espy.

Mike Espy didn't hold back his frustration when discussing President Trump's new orders to crack down on the communist regime in Cuba. 

Espy has led a delegation to increase trade with Cuba and is still actively involved in the U.S. Agriculture Coalition for Cuba.

Among the new changes, Americans will no longer be allowed to take individual trips to visit the country, but guided tours with a group will be allowed.

“Right now, going to Cuba is almost easy as going to Destin, it's only 90 miles away and you can have the benefit and experience of what Cuba has to offer," said Espy. "I don't think it is not going to harm Cubans, but harm Americans.”

Another concern is reducing trade and business dealing with Cuba.

Espy says that could mean a loss in economic opportunities for small and large  American corporations, as well as everyday farmers.

“In America, we have tremendous ability to harvest food," explained Espy. "One-third of what we grow we can keep it for domestic consumption, but two-thirds of what we grow must seek foreign export markets. If not, we are gone to lose our market position in the world and American farmers' incomes will continue to go down.”

The former United States Secretary of Agriculture’s advice to President Trump is direct.

“The only way to encourage greater democratic benefit, as far as human rights are concerned in Cuba, is to engage them not to retrench from them,” said Espy.

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