Resident finds KKK recruitment pamphlet in Purvis - - Jackson, MS

Resident finds KKK recruitment pamphlet in Purvis

Source: Lea Campbell/ Facebook Source: Lea Campbell/ Facebook
PURVIS, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

By Cam Bonelli

On Monday a Purvis resident, who wished to remain anonymous, discovered a bag of rice with Klu Klux Klan recruitment literature inside.

A friend of the resident reached out to the President of the Mississippi Rising Coalition Lea Campbell. Campbell, who founded the anti-racism organization based on the coast, said she has encountered KKK fliers more than once over the past year.

“This round of bags and fliers was distributed by a new Klan group that has formed, according to my contact at the Southern Poverty Law Center,” Campbell said. “It’s been reported to me at least four times over the past year.”

Campbell said she advises those who find pamphlets should report it to the local authorities.

“I send the pictures to my contact at Southern Poverty Law Center and my contact at the FBI,” Campbell said. “I also post them on social media because I feel it's important for the public to know that these types of groups exist, what kind of ideology they are representing and that they are recruiting and active in our state.”

Campbell said the pamphlets are protected free speech.

“They are very careful in the speech that they use so that it doesn't contain any direct threats,” Campbell said. “Direct threat of violence or harm would be breaking the law, but hate speech, as detestable as it is, is protected speech.”

Campbell said we cannot take groups like the KKK lightly because they have a history of committing acts of violence and terrorism against the African American, LGBTQ, Jewish communities and others.

“The KKK has formed a new nationwide coalition of Klans, the American Klan Alliance, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center,” Campbell said. “The United Dixie White Knights of the KKK of MS is the group I have had the most contact with."

Those who find pamphlets or receive fliers of this nature should contact their local authorities and Mississippi Rising Coalition. For more information about the organization, visit their website.

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