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Water/Sewer payments now sent out of state

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Water/Sewer payments are no longer being processed in the City of Jackson. 
Instead those residents who mail their bills are sending those payments out of state.
Ward 3 Councilman Kenneth Stokes says residents have contacted him upset that Jackson water/sewer payments are now being sent to Memphis Tennessee.
He said the change will take jobs from processors here in Jackson. 
According to Stokes, the city council was not informed of the billing process changes.

"I don't understand why I can't mail it to them out there," said Barbara Price of Jackson. "Why does it have to go all the way to Memphis? That makes absolutely no sense to me".

"I'm hoping that no one loses their job because of that, because it's been an ongoing thing for years," said Jackson resident Rose Bell. "So if they're gonna take people's jobs I think Jackson needs to really get it together".

"They should have put a little bit more thought into doing that because you know we need to keep jobs here in the city, not send them to Memphis or somewhere else," said Kermit Snow of Jackson.

Councilman Stokes plans to discuss this with officials with the Public Works Department during Tuesday's meeting.

"As a council member I'm gonna ask to try to find out who made that decision," said Stokes. "Secondly how do we get it back to the City of Jackson. Those are jobs for Jackson. We shouldn't be sending money to Memphis Tennessee for the City of Jackson water bills".

City officials say Siemens Water Technologies oversees the water billing process.
Calls to Siemens about the changes have not been returned.

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