JPS working with smaller budget - - Jackson, MS

JPS working with smaller budget

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

They're working with a smaller budget, but Jackson Public School officials say they are still excited that it's balanced, though challenging.

In Monday night's special meeting of the JPS Board of Trustees, the final budget agenda includes hiring 30 bus drivers and purchasing 22 more buses.

Twenty-two have already been bought.

Cuts were made with some positions eliminated and others added, but the chief financial officer says the focus is on the classroom.

"You see about $88 million of that $206 million is instructional salaries and benefits, so it's instructionally driven," said Sharolyn Miller. "But it is a very tight budget, a very lean, but we feel like it will be very optimal to support the activities of our students and to move us forward."

Miller cites a reduction of $5.6 million in Mississippi Adequate Education Program funding as a reason for this year's tight budget.

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