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Teenager contracts bacterial infection after swimming in Reservoir

Source: Chris Link Source: Chris Link
ROSS BARNETT RESERVOIR, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A teenager who claims she contracted a bacterial infection in Reservoir is warning people about what is lurking in the water that could make you sick.

“We noticed a scrape in between the third and fourth toe and it was starting to get infected," said Chris Link. "The swelling, the redness grew up her foot and up her leg.”

Link never imagined her 14-year-old daughter Liza would leave with a foot infection after a fun day on the water at the Rez.

“Her dad was pulling Liza on the inner tube and her and a friend went flying off the tube," recalled Link. "They came up from the water and her foot hurt.”

The family admits they didn't think anything of it until the pain wouldn't stop.

“Whenever it first happened, it was a pain of a like seven, but then it went back down and then next day it was like a nine,” said Liza.

Liza ended up going to the doctor and was shocked to find out her foot was infected.

“They told us it was Cellulitis and probably caused by the flesh-eating bacteria in the water," said Link. "Liza ended up getting a big shot and lots of antibiotics and we are still watching her.”

Dr. Tunja Oluwatade is Infectious Disease specialist and he says bacteria in water can be dangerous, especially for people with open wounds.

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“When you got into water, you can have a cut that is ignored and that cut can get infected,” said Dr. Oluwatade.

He also points out its mostly contracted in fresh water, salt water and standing water because of the germs, organisms and debris that could be lurking.

“There are ways to prevent this," said Dr. Oluwatade. "If you have a cut, don't go into the water. Take care of the cut first, especially if you have underlying diseases like diabetes, liver problems. If you have cut in the water don't ignore the cut, see a medical provider for advice."

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