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Mississippi Strong: Mike Quayel

RIDGELAND, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

This is a story of a quiet battle.

It is a personal challenge Mike Quayel of Ridgeland has met every day for five years, and will continue to do so for the rest of his life.

“Well my long term memory is still very good," Mike starts off by saying. "My short term like I said is six to eight days out, my family and my doctors tell me. I won’t remember this is about a week, week and a half, I won’t remember even sitting here with you.”

My old friend Mike Quayel called me the other day to suggest a Mississippi Strong story and in the course of the conversation told me he had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

But he went on to say that he has been invited to give talks about the disease and his condition and how he was coping.

“I will not let this stop me from having a fruitful life," Mike says. "I love life. I live it for the day. I know the day is coming when I'm not going to be able to do what I do now. Right now while I can I’m working four days a week at Montgomery Ace Hardware in Fondren. I love being around people. I’m forgetful. I have to have help from time to time at work. But I want to be as active as I can.”

And pretty much that is the message Mike delivers when he speaks about his dealing personally with Alzheimer’s.

“You keep a positive attitude, you keep your faith in Christ and you just determine not to let this stop you," said Mike. "You do the best you can with what you have. Don’t just sit at home. Don’t just mope around. Be active if it’s no more than washing dishes, folding clothes or working in the yard.”

That’s great advice for people who are perfectly healthy, and have every reason to be happy, but would rather pout.

Mike, on the other hand, has every reason to pout and he’s giving us advice on how to be happy.

Mike adds, “But I’m going to enjoy everyday, this day, EVERY day, to my fullest until it takes over,” added Mike. 

Great encouragement from someone who had a great attitude before he was diagnosed and lives it out now in spite of the prognosis.

And hopefully inspires the rest of us to live a little more Mississippi Strong.

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