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3 on the Road: Wet June

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TERRY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

The blooming of the mimosa and crepe myrtles says its summer, but those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer that Nat King Cole once sang about haven’t materialized so far this year.

Hazy implies dry weather. We’ve been short on dry so far.

‘Course, thinking about it, that song is over 50 years old now. And times DO change. And thinking of old songs, the June 3rd sleepy, dusty Delta day of Bobbie Gentry’s Ode to Billy Joe fame didn’t materialize this year, either.

It was mostly muddy and sloppy that day in Mississippi. As it has been most of the month of June.

But things change over time.

Some things have changed so much that now they are the norm. Like corn growing in the Delta where cotton used to grown.

By the way, Delta sweet corn is in now. Should be enough in the produce stands to last until the middle of days of July, anyway.

We have had an abnormally wet June so far this year.

Statistically, we can expect a 30 to 40 percent chance of rain in Mississippi on ANY given day in June of ANY year. But most years, that doesn’t mean EVERY day.

I noticed they are complaining about the wet weather in Great Brittain this month, too. And when it’s abnormally wet in Great Brittain, its wet.

It has been a great month for ducks. Although this guy isn’t supposed to be a duck. Not sure what he is. Carved from wood. Which means, worse comes to worse, he’ll float.

The Canada geese raising their young in the side yard and down by the ponds in the neighborhood don’t seem to mind the rain. But they live in the water. Why would they mind it?

Our short term forecast says dryer conditions next week. Will those dryer conditions last all of the rest of summer?

Statistically, yes.

Get the tropical systems out of here and things usually taper down to just scattered showers. But then again, if things ran according to statistics, we wouldn’t need the meteorologists to drop in every newscast.

And they’re kind of refreshing.

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