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Mississippi Strong: Eric McDonald

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Walt Grayson has another story in our continuing series about people who are living Mississippi Strong.

Sometimes that strength comes at a particular moment, but sometimes over a lifetime and today our story is about one of those lifetimes.

Jackson artist Eric McDonald has had a long successful career and shares a few points that may help us along our way.

He goes to his studio up stairs at his Jackson home daily and works. Currently he his developing a painting of an eight minute naval battle at Guadalcanal during World War Two.

The battle lasted eight minutes.

Eric has been working on the painting of it for about four years now. Included in that time has been his research. Included in the research has been a lot of reading. Not just to get a feel for the history, but to really picture the situation.

“And in my reading, images come to my mind and I would do notes on the side of the book or I would even do little sketch work,” Eric explains.

Eric McDonald has been successful through several phases of painting during his life.

He started as a medical illustrator and had to get about as close as you could get to a medical degree without actually going into practice to be able accurately sketch surgical procedures, for instance.

“I continue to learn boy I’m telling you.”

Even when he stepped into portrait paintings, he continued to study, reading biographies to help get a better feel for his subjects, which subtly showed up in the finished painting.

Through his maritime art and on and on Eric McDonald says his pictures come from words. All because he doesn’t take what he does lightly.

“The Lord blesses you with a talent and it’s your duty to develop it the best you can," Eric says. "In your early years of life your steps up the ladder go pretty quick but as you get toward the top it’s a tough reach for that next plateau. It’s time and dedication.”

Developing his talent is what Eric McDonald has done and continues to do every day of his life.

The lesson to us, don’t ever slack off if, like Eric McDonald, we want to live Mississippi Strong. 

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