Experts say infection-causing bacteria is in all water bodies, n - - Jackson, MS

Experts say infection-causing bacteria is in all water bodies, not just the Rez

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ROSS BARNETT RESERVOIR, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Experts say the bacteria causing these infections is nothing new - you'll find it in any body of water -  not just the Rez.

So think about all the times you've stepped in a lake or a creek. How many times have you gotten a serious infection from it?

"I want to stress the point, said John Sigman, the Ross Barnett Reservoir's General Manager. "It's not that the lake is any more contaminated than any other place on Earth, it's just that when you have a puncture wound and you drive the bacteria into your flesh, you need to treat it - don't let it wait."

"Clean off as quickly as you can, observe very carefully, and your risk is still very very low of a serious infection," advised Dr. David L. Smith, an Infectious Disease Expert. 

Justin Owens says he slipped on a rock in the water, getting a tiny puncture wound and ended up with Necrotizing Fasciitis - an infection that Dr. Smith says is extremely rare, with maybe only 20 cases per year for the whole state.

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"Necrotizing Fasciitis, which simply means 'dying flesh below the subacious level of your skin'," explained Sigman. "It is an infection. The bacteria are very common, every-day bacteria."

Liza Link told us she had a small cut on her toe and developed Cellulitis after swimming in the Rez, making her foot and leg get red and swollen.

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That's one of the major things to look out for.

"If you see anything like redness or swelling, or any blister-like lesions over there, or you begin to develop any drainage from it," said Dr. Smith.

The more common infections can be treated with regular oral medication.

There's a Fourth of July fireworks show at the Rez this weekend and management says not to let these infection cases scare you.

They're expecting about 20,000 people.    

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