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Kemper County Power Plant suspending majority of operations

Kemper County Power Plant suspending majority of operations

KEMPER COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Mississippi Power released new information Wednesday and said the highly debated $7.5 billion Kemper County Power Plant is suspending the majority of operations.

After losing more than $3 billion and more than three years behind schedule, Mississippi Power said it will immediately suspend lignite coal gasification operations at its Kemper County facility.

Now the facility is slated to operate as a natural gas facility.

The Public Service Commission is hoping for a settlement where customers will not be responsible for a rate increase and customers will be protected from any risks surrounding the lignite coal portion of the plant.

The Kemper County Power Plant was a highly anticipated and debated project throughout the years.

The initial goal was for it to be the prototype of coal's future. If executed, it could have put our state at the forefront for design regarding coal fueled power.

Originally costing $2.9 billion to construct the operation to cleanly burn coal to gas, the plant was plagued with problems and failing technology. To get the plant operating properly and efficiently spending would have continued, possibly costing billions more.

Now settlement negotiations will continue between Mississippi Power and the Public Utilities Staff as well as other parties involved.

The Public Service Commission plans to issue an order addressing the future of the Kemper County Power Plant during its July 6 meeting.

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