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Rankin County officials arrest 12 for opioid misuse

Rankin County officials arrest 12 for opioid misuse

RANKIN COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Law enforcement agencies in Mississippi are trying to tackle the opioid epidemic at every angle, ultimately to save lives. Twelve people were arrested and charged out of Rankin County.

DEA agent Daniel Comeaux said, "The unfortunate thing with prescription pills, often times it leads to opioid abuse or heroin, a very dirty nasty drug."

The team of Brandon Police, D-E-A and M-B-N agents arrested 12 people who now face felony charges for the sale of controlled substances, trafficking controlled substances as well as obtaining a controlled substance by fraud in Rankin County. It's all surrounding the opioid epidemic.

Comeaux said, "All of us are working together, us law enforcement from state, county, federal and state we are all on the same page. We are going to use a three prong approach from awareness to education to enforcement. If you're doing wrong we will put you in jail."

People are misusing the legal drugs. This specific investigation started in 2016 when Brandon Doctor Steven Tincher and his girlfriend Lindsay Peacock were arrested and charged.

John Dowdy said, "In this particular incident with Dr. Tincher, he was being paid substantial amount of cash to prescribe the drugs to these people who were nothing more than dealers and these drugs were going on the street."

Comeaux added, "And that's something we are trying to stop right now."

19 people were arrested Wednesday on the coast for the same reason. This investigation is ongoing and more arrests are expected.

Here are the names of seven people arrested and charged in Rankin County.

1. Jay Darby

2. Courtney Brown

3. Steven Goode

4. Lisa Dellapenna

5. Matthew Peacock

6. Elizabeth Blackmon

7. Lisa Willoughby

We will continue to update this developing story.

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