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Only 2 garbage trucks working in Simpson County

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SIMPSON COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Lightning strikes and a string of bad luck has left Simpson County with only two working garbage trucks.

For the past couple of weeks crews have been working overtime to pick up the trash.        

A series of unfortunate events in June led to four of six garbage trucks in Simpson county being put out of commission.

But Thursday there was an emergency purchase which added another truck to the fleet.

"Two of our newer trucks got struck by lightning," said Simpson County Supervisor Danny Craft.

The District Two representative took to social media to alert residents to the problems that led to delays in trash collection.

During a June 16th storm,the trucks sustained extensive electrical damage.

At the same time, two other trucks were undergoing repairs.

"Every available vehicle that we had in solid waste we had them out even manually," said Supervisor Craft. "We had some old ton trucks that we were using to put garbage in even pick up with trailers".

There are about 7,000 solid waste customers in the county.

Some experienced three day delays in trash collection. 

"Just had a little bad luck, and we're asking for the public's patience," said Simpson County Administrator Rhuel Dickinson. "One of our transfer trucks that hauls the garbage from here to the landfill in lake burned up. We suspect it was an electrical fire under the dashboard".

That 18 wheeler burned the night of June 23rd. One week after the lightning strikes.

During this truck shortage, Friday and Saturday pickups may temporarily be added to the normal Monday through Thursday schedule.

County officials warn there could be delays after the July 4th holiday.

Supervisors searched throughout the state to borrow or purchase trucks and were only able to find a used garbage truck in Seminary for $45,000.00.

The county has also purchased two new trucks at $146,000.00 each which will be delivered in about three months.

There are now three garbage trucks working in the fleet of seven.

Officials said Friday that crews are now caught up with all trash collection.  

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