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Local teen boxer takes home National Junior Olympic Championship

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PEARL, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Keedric “The Ghost” White, is not someone you wanna mess with.

Over the weekend, the 14-year-old took a huge step in his boxing career, winning a National Junior Olympic Championship  .

The Forest Hill High School sophomore went a perfect 4-0 against boxers from across the country to take home the Junior Lightweight Title.

"It was so exciting," said Keedric. "When they called my name, it was like ‘man, all my hard work done finally paid off'."

Less than two years into the sport, Keedric is already a national champ, but his career in the ring actually began by accident.

"It really didn’t start off for me to be boxing," explained Keedric. "It started off for me to be in shape then I started sparring and my coaches asked me if I wanna box and I said 'yeah'."

So far boxing has provided the teenager with a new avenue to stay focused.

Keedric’s father, Lanier, first brought him to the Pearl Boxing Club and ever since, he’s made it a point to train alongside his son.

"Just to be out here with him and to see the things that he’s doing," said Lanier White. "I see how hard he trains and how hard he works. I expect him to be great because I know what he’s made of. So when I push him I know he can take it."

"Most kids don’t have a dad in their life, so now that I have dad in my life to support me and stuff that’s a big opportunity," said Keedric.

And just like all the greats at the professional level, Keedric needed a nickname. That’s where dad came in again helping him settle on “The Ghost”,  a testament to his style in the ring.  

"When I’m in the ring I can’t be hit," said Keedric.

"You can’t hit what you can’t see," said Lanier. "So if you’re moving out the way, you’re like a ghost. I have actually seen his opponent get frustrated. He’ll hit them four or five times and then moves. The game is to hit and not get hit."

Claiming a Junior Olympic title, Keedric becomes the 4th national champ from the Pearl Boxing Club. Coach Bombay Higginbottom says he sees the potential for a career on the professional level.

"He’s really got it man. He’s only been boxing for a year and half and he kind of got a slim build like the fighters I like to train," said Higginbottom. "You got to think about it, it was a big accomplishment just coming from Pearl and Jackson to go away and beat people from California, Texas, New Mexico. You know, he beat everybody from the United States!"

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