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Mississippi Strong: Becky Floyd

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MADISON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Becky Floyd of Madison has been a giver all of her life. And in her retirement, she is still doing so; maybe even more so, because Becky is now providing for others something that was essential for her productive life.

There is something to be said for retirement. Ask Becky Floyd.

“I’m working harder now than I ever have in my life with no income from it,” said Becky.

But she’s surrounded by puppies all day. That ought to count for something.

If you aren’t familiar with Becky, she is blind. And she spent a very productive career as an advocate for the rights of people with disabilities. Now, in retirement, she is helping assure other people who have visual handicaps have the same access to the world her guide dogs afforded her.

It’s a dream she’s had a long time.

“When I was 21 years old and in law school, I told some of my fellow students that’s what I want to do," said Becky. "I want to start a guide dog school one day.” 

Becky has organized Gallant Hearts, a training program for guide dogs. They will place 8 or 10 dogs this year at a cost of about twenty thousand dollars a dog to them.

Obviously, Gallant Hearts could use our help; people to raise the puppies until they are old enough to be trained is one way. Cathy Curtis is in charge of that.

“A single person, it could be a married couple," said Cathy. "We have families with small children, older children.” 

Jerry File helps with publicity.

“The Delta Gammas at Ole Miss, Mississippi State, and USM are really behind Gallant Hearts and the cause,” said Jenny.

Gayera Trabont is another volunteer, singing the praises of Brook Bullock, a runner-up in the Miss Mississippi Pageant.

“She’s taken Gallant Heart on as her platform,” said Gayera."

“It’s wonderful to be able to stand up straight and tall and hold onto your dog and walk independently," added Becky. "So it’s just a difference in sitting around on the sofa watching television or listening to a book or radio and getting out and doing something. Being fulfilled.”

Becky Floyd is using her retirement to pass on to others the life that guide dogs have given her. I’d call that living Mississippi Strong, giving back, and forward. 

Gallant Hearts Guide Dog Center has a Facebook Page and a webpage.  Check out either to find out how you can help. And money is always a nice way to help a non-profit organization. 

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