AG Jim Hood announce 2 executions possible for 2017 - - Jackson, MS

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AG Jim Hood announce 2 executions possible for 2017

Source: Raycom Image Bank Source: Raycom Image Bank
JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

It's been nearly five years since the last death row inmate was executed in our state, but Attorney General Jim Hood says that could soon change.

Hood confirms the Magnolia State has gotten it's hands on two doses of the lethal cocktail used in death row cases. A three part concoction some around the nation consider to be cruel and unusual punishment.

One of those doses, Hood says, would be used on Richard Jordan who has been living with a death sentence for 39 years. A man convicted of kidnapping and murdering a woman in Harrison County.

Jordan's Lawyer, Jim Craig who is also the Co-Director of the Roderick & Solange MacArthur Justice Center, says he doesn't believe an execution will be coming soon since his client still has appeals under review.

"I'm a little confused as to how Mr. Hood thinks we are anywhere near the completion of this lawsuit when it's his own motions that have delayed this case again and again," Craig said.

 The other dose, Hood says, would be used on 52-year-old Thomas Loden. A former Marine Corp Recruiter who was sentenced to death in 2001, after he raped and killed a 16 year-old waitress.

The dates for those executions have not yet been set, that's something that will have to be done through our state's supreme court.

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