Arrests made in Vicksburg street brawl that went viral - - Jackson, MS

Arrests made in Vicksburg street brawl that went viral

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VICKSBURG, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A wild brawl caught on camera in Vicksburg. Police say the fight happened Thursday, dragging out to three different neighborhoods.

We've gotten reaction from city officials to this violent incident making the rounds on social media.

A lot screaming, punching and kicking could be seen on this video that has now gone viral on Facebook. At one point, you even see people fighting with 2x4's .

“It was not good for the image of the city and it is not good for families to fight like that,” said Mayor George Flaggs.

Mayor George Flaggs is relieved no one was seriously injured, but admits he was shocked and saddened as he watched the wild brawl.

“What was discouraging was the person FaceTiming it was encouraging the fight,” said Flaggs.

Chief Milton Moore was also disturbed.

“There were kids on scene who could have been injured."

Moore says he and his team will have zero tolerance for fights like this one the streets of Vicksburg.

“Ultimately to arrest have been moved past 24 hours. Officers are still interviewing. I'm still watching the Facebook posting trying to identify all parties involved and once all parties are identified more arrest will be made," Moore said.

Chief Moore says two people were arrested as a result of the street brawl.  One for assault, the other for outstanding warrants.

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