Belhaven Creek overflows in torrential rains, flooding nearby ho - - Jackson, MS

Belhaven Creek overflows in torrential rains, flooding nearby homes

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

It was a sunny dry day for most of the metro Monday, but some areas of downtown Jackson were pounded by storms.

The constant late day rain caused flooding for homes and businesses.

Residents are now hoping Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba's administration soon has an answer.

"I've never seen it flood that much," said Ryan Vanderburgh while recording video of his backyard disappear under flood waters.

The 30-year-old pulled out his cell phone Monday evening to record yet another deluge of flood waters from heavy rains.

He lives on Laurel Street. Belhaven Creek, about 100 yards away, regularly overflows into his back yard.

"I just kinda pray that it won't rain too hard and for too long, but at the same time it's just kinda like here we go again," said Vanderburg. "It's just kinda happens." 

Next door on Laurel, Ben Cote also took video of the pouring rain and street filling with water.

Laurel Park, across the street, was underwater.

Cote monitors the level of Belhaven Creek on the United States Geological Survey website. The highest recorded level he said is 13 feet.

It didn't get quite that high Monday but alarming none the less. He kept an eye on the rising waters from his screened in porch.

Others, like neighbor Elizabeth Brown, see the clouds forming and hope the waters don't reach her doorstep. 

"It's ridiculous because all the storm drains are blocked, and there's no place for the water to go," said Brown.

The caterer has lived on Laurel Street over two years, in the area her whole life. 

Rain water often covers the wheels of her work truck parked in her driveway. 

"But the storm drains really need to be cleaned out. That's the biggest problem," added Brown. "When the water comes, then you see like all that debris in the road, when it rains again that's gonna wash down the street and clog up the storm drains again".

Belhaven residents living near the creek hope the new administration has a permanent solution.

About five miles north, flash flooding forced Rainbow Natural Grocery Cooperative on Old Canton Road to shut their doors near closing time Monday.

According to former CEO Luke Lundemo,  this is nearly the 30th time since 2002.

About two to three inches of water covered the floors of the business.

Tuesday dryers and dehumidifiers filled the business. They hope to reopen Wednesday.

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