JPD not pressing charges against shooter, but case may not be cl - - Jackson, MS

JPD not pressing charges against shooter, but case may not be closed

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

There are new developments on a shooting in Jackson Monday that left a 62-year-old man in critical condition.

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Witnesses say that George - the man who was shot in the stomach - is mentally handicapped and well-known throughout his neighborhood.

"He was like the neighborhood mascot," said Lyron Clay, who witnessed the shooting and knows the victim.

JPD says George was threatening a man with a stick before he was shot, and so they do not plan on pressing charges.

Witnesses to Monday's shooting say George had threatened people in the past, but everyone in the neighborhood knew to call police and wait for the situation to diffuse on its own.

"He ain't gonna do nothing," explained Clay. "He ain't been doing nothing, you know, he's a lot of talk. Everybody gets on George, but everybody also helps George because we know his heart."

"The suspect was allegedly trying to assault someone with a stick," said JPD Commander Tyree Jones. "The resident on the property there retrieved a handgun and shot this individual."

Aafram Sellers, a local criminal defense attorney, says the Castle Doctrine does grant you the right to protect your home and your property, but that doesn't quite apply here. 

Instead, the shooter might claim he was defending himself.

 "The person who did the shooting [would've had to have] had some reasonable belief that he was in imminent danger for serious bodily injury," said Sellers.

Clay said that everyone in the neighborhood did their part in taking care of George.

"We try to keep him away from danger, and this is something we couldn't make it to in time," he said.

Clay said that George was a very sweet man. Any time he got a paycheck, he would go down his street and stop by every single house to give the owner $20 to thank them for helping him.

JPD says they do not have plans to press charges, but a grand jury or the DA's office could pick up the case.

"I mean, a shooting case is egregious. I think someone needs to look at it if people believe there are certain facts and from my understanding, this gentleman only had a stick. A stick and a gun is never a fair fight," said Sellers.

"I feel like he should've just called the police," added Clay. "Just call the police like everybody said, like any other time."

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