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Mississippi Strong: Bell's Educare/Rosee Etta Bell

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MADISON COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

She saw a need and she filled it nearly 30 years ago and is still doing so today. Rosee Etta Bell opened a daycare in what was rural Madison County in 1988. Her philosophy has impressed many people over the years and has empowered a generation of Madison County youngsters.

Her attendance was about 10 that first day she opened nearly 30 years ago. It’s over a hundred today. And this isn’t just a daycare. The difference is reflected in the name, “Bell’s Educare.” And the difference has been reflected in the youngsters who leave here to go into first grade. 

“I just like for them to learn, to teach them and I want them treated the way I want my own children treated,” said Bell.

Around the activity table sit well-behaved, polite youngsters who are busy with all sorts of projects. They are obviously enjoying what they are doing. But something more than fun and games is going on here.

“I teach my children," added Bell.T"hey don’t come and just sit and play. They learn.”

So here are some preschoolers who are getting a jump-start on school. And they have a head full of knowledge by the time they leave here for kindergarten.

“Oh yes. Write their name, numbers, address, count to a hundred, say their ABCs," said Bell. "I’ve had some children that leave and they go to school and they test them and put them into the first grade instead of kindergarten. This way when they go into school, they can hold their heads up, you know.”

And many of the youngsters who have come through Bell’s Educare have come back from time to time. Many to enroll their OWN children. Often just to say hello.

“It makes me feel good," said Bell. "Especially when they come back. Some of them are taller than I am. I have to look up at them, you know. They’re doing good. They are going to college. They are getting their degrees. And that makes me feel good.”

And it started with Bell’s Educare instilling at the get-go that not only is education important, it is EVERYTHING in the real world, and letting these youngsters know early on that they can do this.

That wouldn’t have happened except for Rosee Etta Bell living Mississippi Strong on early education.

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