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Richland PD wrangles 6 foot gator

Source: Richland Police Department Source: Richland Police Department
RICHLAND, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

To protect, serve and wrangle?  Richland Police officers rushed into action after calls of an alligator in the road on the Old 49 Extension.

Lt. Shelby Warren said, "You never really know what you’re going to come across, and we came across an alligator in the road. And he thought that was his road."

The plan was to wait for Fish and Game. But the gator made a move to return back into a slough behind an abandoned business. They tossed a blanket on the gator, and officer Brandon Holifield jumped on its back, gaining control of the mouth.

"Got my hands on his mouth, removed the blanket, and that’s when another officer came up and we put tape around his mouth.," Officer Holifield said. 

"Lassoed him, duct taped his mouth. We watch swamp people so we know all the tricks," added Sgt. Alex Slaughter.

Officer Holifield says he’s not sure how he ended up the one jumping on the alligator. 

"Oh, that was easy. He’s the new guy," Sgt. Slaughter said.

Lt. Warren said, "Nothing went as planned. But we all have all our fingers and toes, so it was a good day in the end".

The officers estimate it was a six foot gator, though the number may fluctuate in future stories. 

Slaughter said he’ll probably be 14 or 15 feet next year.

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